Event officer requests bouncing email be set to not receive newsletters



Hi Support,

Starting the mailing script to invite Assurers to the Assurer Training
i've got attached  AutoReply

For selecting recipients i've used the database flags
accepting newsletters and exclude recipients that don't
wanna receive newsletters.

Please remove the newsletter flags on the account that has
the email address <snip>
in his account, so further mailings prevents automated
mails to this system.

How to handle the account ?
don't know other solutions.
Disabling the account i think is no option.
May be the user will reactivate his account
sometimes ?!?


It is granted a grace period for six weeks (until 2009-11-07) to the respondent to get his email account working. After four weeks (2009-10-24) another email was sent to the respondents address. This email did not get a reply within two weeks (until 2009-11-07) I rule to deactivate the users account because of violation of the CCA. CCA requests the user to keep his email account in a good working order to be enable the communication between the user and CAcert. The account should be kept available to be picked up from the user again upon request, but should not receive any emails from CAcert until then.


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