I was attendee at the ATE-Event in Munich today. I have made an assurance where I have some questions. I (the assurer) and the assuree decided to file a dispute.

Problem is, that the name on the photo id's does not exactly match the name in the account.

Data given on two ID's (German "Personalausweis" and "Führerschein"):
Surname: von Einem genannt von Rothmaler
First name: Carl-Wilhelm Alexander Milliges
DOB: <snip>
The ID's look correct for me and the photo matches the persion who wants to be assured.

Data in the web application:
Name: Carl von Einem
DOB: <snip>
Assurance points: 112

Carl-Wilhelm does not match Carl.

* do we (=CAcert) have to correct the name on the web application?
* could the assurance be completed?

Thanks in advance,
best regards,

Florian Lagg 

Before: Arbitrator Bernhard Fröhlich (A). Respondent: Carl von Einem (R) Claimant: Florian Lagg (C) Case: a20090618.6

The Arbitrator has also checked the Respondent during ATE Munich and can confirm the content of the Respondent's ID docs.

CM sent initiating mail.


After considering PracticeOnNames, thinking on noble names once more and verifying that the CAcert database accepts long names (up to 255 chars) I've come to the following conclusions:

Family Name

I'd accept that "von Einem" and "von Rothmaler" can be considered two different names, similar to multiple given names. So when applying the relaxed rules of the PracticeOnNames I'd consider the following family names as matching the docs in the sense of CAcert:

Given Names

I have been notified that at least to german laws on names the hyphen connects two names to one entity, therefore the corresponding example "Hans-Peter" <-> "Hans" found its way into the PracticeOnNames. Applying this to the Respondent's given names I'd accept a combination of the following given names as matching the ID docs:


The preferred variant "as closely to the ID docs as possible" would be the following:

But according to relaxed rules in PracticeOnNames the Respondent has the option to leave out some of the names.

20090626 R: I accept the preferred variant.


I rule that the account of Carl von Einem shall be modified to contain the following names:


20090628 A: Support, please change the account

20090629 Support notified about changes done, Claimant and Respondent confirm

20090630 A: This case is now closed.

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