Claimant states that Respondent's account says his name is Hans but his identification states Johannes.

Before: Arbitrator BernhardFröhlich (A). Respondent: Johannes Witvliet (R) Claimant: Ulrich Schroeter (C) Case: a20090618.1

20090906 A: Took the case, asking the Claimant for details since the Case Manager seems to be offline.

20090909 C: I accept CCA and DRP. The CM has already sent the standard initiating mail to me and the Respondent.

20090911 A: Sent another notice to the Respondent, asking if changing the first name in the account to "Johannes" would be an acceptable option.

20090929 A: Sent a reminder asking for a statement till October 14.

20091013 R: Sent a response, would accept changing the account's first name to "Johannes".

20091015 A: Sent a request to support about the Assurers who did assure the Respondent's account.

20091020 Support replies: Cédric Menge, Michael Cox and Marc Lüdorf have assured the account.

20091023 A: Sent out a equest to the Assurers about the circumstances of the Assurances.

20091024 Cédric: Sent a scan of WOT-Form containing a note about first name "Johannes". He can remember insisting on adding this note.

20091024 Michael: Sent a scan of WOT-Form containing a note about first name "Johannes".

20091027 Marc: Sent a reply stating that there is a handwritten note about "Johannes" on the CAP form.



20091025 A: Support, please change the first name in the Respondent's account from "Hans" to "Johannes"

20091110 A: Support reports changes done.

20091110 A: The case is closed now.

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