I just made some assurances and when filling the web form I wrote the month wrong and didn't notice. May you please revoke them so I can do them again?

A: C/R has been asked to accept arbitration and to give the details.

C: Responded by E-Mail

Thanks for your reply. I do accept the arbitration.

For some reason beyond my understanding when filling the assurance
web form I wrote 08 instead of 04 in the month of the date field. In
the next assurances the previous date, as with the location, was
prefilled and I was taking care of the names and DoB and not enough
in the date of assurance one.


In the case where an identified member wishes to correct an error in his own actions and requests a correction within a reasonable time (reasonable is up to the judgement of the support person, but should not be significantly beyond 24 hours) a support engineer may follow the following procedure:

  1. Correct or undo the mistake
  2. Inform all affected persons
  3. Report and log the incident

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