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Lesson 70 - Appeals - General Process Overview

According to DRP 3.4, an appeal regarding an arbitration is allowed for in the cases of "clear injustices, egregious behaviour or unconscionable Rulings".

An appeal against an arbitrator's ruling or other actions is initiated by the appellant filing a dispute requesting a review of the case.

This appeal is initially handled by a second arbitrator (the Review Arbitrator) independently reviewing both the original case and the request for review and consider the appeal in light of DRP 3.4. If he/she finds that any of the three criteria (above) are met, he/she may "re-open the case" and pass it to "an Appeal Panel of 3."

According to DRP 3.4 "The Appeal Panel is led by a Senior Arbitrator, and is formed according to procedures established by the DRO from time to time. The Appeal Panel hears the case and delivers a final and binding Ruling."


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