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Lesson 25 - High Priority Disputes


To get informed, that a new dispute filing has been moved into the Disputes queue, are Case Managers and Arbitrators are encouraged to enable the OTRS email notification for every ticket receiving the Disputes queue, so you will be notified by email, if a ticket has been moved. The notifications received, gives a short overview about the dispute filing that helps categorizing the new dispute case (eg delete account, Paypal dispute (!))

General Overview

CCA Violations from the last lesson are the most common reason to escalate a dispute as High Priority. Mostly all "external" disputes have to be escalated as High Priority disputes. The reason here is, that external disputes mostly relates to deadlines set, that requires to pickup the received ticket asap so the deadline set doesn't pass without any response from CAcert's side.

Paypal disputes received at CAcert's side are CCA 2.3.3 violations by default as the trigger of an "external" Dispute Resolution Forum violates the CAcert Communtiy Agreement, were each member accepts to use CAcert's internal Arbitration Forum (first) for all CAcert related issues. By receiving a Paypal dispute, the "external" Arbitration system has been called first. Therefor this Paypal dispute violates CCA 2.3.3 by default.

As also Paypal disputes are set with a deadline of approx 3 weeks, the work to pickup a new dispute filing, transfer it into the Arbitration queue, walk through the DRP 2.2 Preliminaries, contact the parties and request CCA/DRP acceptance, requires some time before the Arbitrator can start with investigations. Then the Arbitrator has to come to a ruling. And the ruling execution takes time too. So 3 weeks become difficult, if there is any delay in one or another communication process. Thats why such disputes have to be picked up urgently, asap.

From the past arbitration history, we have to expect about 1 such case per 2 years.

Details View

While working on a Support ticket and receiving a Paypal dispute that relates to the user of an active Support ticket, the Support-Engineers are instructed to stop the work on that ticket asap and moving the ticket into the Disputes queue.

There are other scenarios possible, where external requests or orders from a court, or administrative legislations can receive CAcert, that needs to be passed through Arbitration.

In all cases, first try to identify a deadline set as this marks a deadline, an arbitrator has to process a ruling including execution.

The ruling can also be an intermediate ruling, to block off the deadline set in the "external" issue.

Arbitrators main task is to sort out, how a deadline passing without a response from CAcert's side can be prevented.



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