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Lesson 13 - Arbitration - Documentation

The Arbitration file

The DRP states that

The Arbitrator records:
   1. The Identification of the Parties,
   2. The Facts, 
   3. The logic of the rules and law, 
   4. The directions and actions to be taken by each party,
   5. The date and place that the ruling is rendered.

This record is published in the !Wiki under Arbitrations/<Arbitration Case Number>. Due to the fact that these pages are and should be publicly accessible, some care has to be taken to somewhat anonymize the parties and some other personal identifying information (mail adresses, birthdates, ...) to satisfy data protection requirements.

Each Arbitration file has the following parts:

The Header

The Header consists of:

Note that in Support requests CAcert will be used as Respondent.

If Arbitrator and/or Case Manager change during the case the former "office holders" should also be listed in the header, while the handover dates should be recorded in the History section.

Arbitrators and Case Managers are always listed by their complete names in the header.

History Log

Details ... (optional)

The details of a case are

The Ruling

The ruling should present


This section continues the History log for post ruling actions.

Similar Cases

The similar cases listing contains references to other cases, open or closed, which may (or may not) be relevant or otherwise connected to this case. It is the result of research done by Arbitrator and Case Manager.

Also external links or background reading may be put into this section.

This section is thought as more or less a scratch pad for Arbitrator and Case Manager, but may also help the parties by pointing out sources of information.

Post Arbitration Notes




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