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Lesson 6 - Tagging of Arbitration cases


To handle Arbitration cases efficiently the status pages of cases must be easily found. Currently there are two ways to find an Arbitration status page:

For some time sorting by topic has been handled by a second List, Cases by Topics, but adding each case to two lists got too cumbersome, so this list is now hopelessly out of date.

As a replacement we now have introduced a new system for categorizing cases by tagging the cases according to Arbitrations/Topics.



When starting an arbitration case for an account delete request, you often don't know if the user had assurances made.

So, for the beginning, both categories CategoryArbCaseAccountDelAssurer and CategoryArbCaseAccountDelNonAssurer should be tagged to the case.

Once the arbitrator gets the info from support, the TAG not applying to the case should be removed from the TAG list.

Adding new TAGS / Categories




BernhardFröhlich: Re-written text, content is OK.

BernhardFröhlich: Proposing an additional category CategoryArbCaseMisbehavings: "A member did things s/he should not, or did not things s/he should"

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