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Lesson 5 - Editing Wiki page for new Arbitration case

  1. Create the new case through the bottom field by using the default schema: aYYYYMMDD.# (number as defined in Lesson4)
  2. Edit the new Wiki page:

* Template Wiki page for new arbitration cases

  * Case Number: a201YMMDD.n              <== edit case number
  * Status: init
  * Claimant: mr. claimant                <== replace by name of claimant
  * Respondent: mrs. respondent           <== replace by name of respondent 
  * initial Case Manager: name iCM        <== your name
  * Case Manager: name case manager
  * Arbitrator: name arbitrator
  * Date of arbitration start: 201Y-MM-DD
  * Date of ruling: 201Y-MM-DD
  * Case closed: 201Y-MM-DD
  * Complaint: short description of the complaint   <== replace with dispute filing subject

  * Relief: TBD                                     <== if there is a clear relief, fill out

Before: Arbitrator name arbitrator (A), Respondent: name respondent (R), Claimant: name claimant (C), Case: a201YMMDD.n
                                                        <== replace with respondent name
                                                                               <== replace with claimant name
                                                                                                       <== replace case#

== History Log ==
 . 201Y-MM-DD (issue.c.o): case [<ticket number>]        <== replace support ticket number
 . 201Y-MM-DD (iCM): added to Wiki, request for CM / A     <== edit actual date

== Private Part ==

## do not delete this, before priv part was created
 * type a201YMMDD.n : <<NewPage(Arbitrations/priv/a201YMMDD.n, Create new private part to arbitration file, Arbitrations/priv,%s)>>
## delete this section, when priv part was created

* '''Link to Arbitration case [[Arbitrations/priv/a201YMMDD.n|a201YMMDD.n (Private Part)]], Access for (CM) + (A) only'''  '''''<= Edit case number of Private file!!!'''''

<<Include(Arbitrations/priv/a201YMMDD.n)>>         <== edit case number

==== EOT Private Part ====
== original Dispute ==

 <== add original dispute (anonymized)

== Discovery ==

== Ruling ==

== Execution ==

== Similiar Cases ==
                                                          <== if there are similar cases, add them here as
|| [[Arbitrations/a20YYMMDD.n|a20YYMMDD.n]] || [[Arbitrations/a20YYMMDD.n|<discription>]] ||
                                                          <== if there are more then one case, add addtl.
 . CategoryArbitration                                    <== don't remove this default category

''' and please add one of the following Topics, delete the rest. See also [[Arbitrations/Training/Lesson06|Lesson06]] '''
                                                          <== remove remark
                                                          <== select one of the following categories
                                                          <== remove all others x4)
 . CategoryArbCaseAccountDelAssurer
 . CategoryArbCaseAccountDelNonAssurer
 . CategoryArbCaseAccountCleanup
 . CategoryArbCaseAccountDataNameMismatch
 . CategoryArbCaseAccountDataNameOrder
 . CategoryArbCaseAccountDataNameAdditional
 . CategoryArbCaseAccountDataNameModificationsRequested
 . [[CategoryArbCaseAccountDataDoB]]
 . CategoryArbCaseOtherAssurerErrors
 . [[CategoryArbCaseCCAViolation]]
 . CategoryArbCaseDomainDispute
 . CategoryArbCaseEmailDispute
 . [[CategoryArbCaseSystemABC]]
 . CategoryArbCaseSystemTasks
 . CategoryArbCaseOthers
 . CategoryArbCaseAppeal
 . CategoryArbCaseExternal

This is currently under discussion. There is no agreement, that a case may be without a respondent, as a respondent is required for Common Law cases. Also DRP 4.2 reference to "support actions" is exactly about the kind of cases, where no direct claimant can be identified. To use "CAcert" as a "default" respondent, matches best how it is done in Common Law.



  1. I don't consider it useful to name CAcert as R just to have a name in the column. There may be cases where there is no action requested (beside giving a ruling). In this case there may be even no Respondent, since the prerequesites of DRP 1.4 bullet 2 are not given! BernhardFröhlich (1)



BernhardFröhlich: Added a few things, otherwise OK

changed by EvaStöwe and MartinGummi - may need another review

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