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Lesson 53 - Anhang - Belehrung: CCA Verstoss (primaere Email)

From: CM / A
To: Assurer
Subject: Advice  "CCA 2.5.2/3.5 violation (primary email)" - Arbitration case a########.#

Dear <User>,

You receive this email, 'cause a dispute was started regarding CCA 2.5.2 and/or CCA 3.5 violation(s)

What does this mean ?

Within CAcert, your account name is also your primary email address. The only link to you, to reach you, to contact you.

At the time, you've created your account you were asked, if you've read, understand and accepts CCA. The CCA is the CAcert Community Agreement, thats ground base derives from the Audit criteria - you'll know, that we, CAcert are on the run to pass an Audit to get the roots into the browsers ? The Audit criteria defines, the disclosure of the R/L/O's - the Risks, the Liabilities and Obligations to our members.

In short:

As CAcert's internal Arbitration is to protect the Community and also to protect each member, its essential, that each new member agrees to the CCA. Arbitration is generally conducted by email. Arbitration can only work, if members and Assurers can be contacted and responds on requests.

If the primary email address is out of service, Arbitrator requests will no longer be answered. Arbitration is broken.

Therefor the clause "to keep your primary email address in a good working order" has been added into the CAcert Community Agreement, that users have to follow. So your obligation you've accepted by signing a CAP form or on creating an account at is to keep your "primary" email address in good working order.

By not follow this obligation, you're running into CCA violation regarding


An Arbitrator has only the users primary email address at hand to contact a user. Investigations about a new, changed email address, which is not in the list of email addresses in users account is a problem that only the user can solve. But how to contact a user, who has changed his primary email address ? So Arbitrator is out of luck.

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If there are any questions, you can add this to the Education mailing list There we'll try to answer all your questions.

Hopefuly you now understand which problems araises when primary email addresses changes and you don't update your primary email address in your CAcert account.


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