Arbitration Team Meeting 2012-12-05 (22 CET, 21 UTC)

Minutes - Arbitration Team Meeting 2012-12-05

1 Preliminaries

1.1 Opening

Present: Alex Robertson, Bernhard Fröhlich, Dirk Astrath, Mario Lipinski, Philipp Dunkel, Uli Schröter, Werner Dworak

Meeting was chaired by Alex.

1.2 Minutes taker

Minutes will be taken by Werner.

Last minutes were carried 3,1,0.

2 Business

2.1 current state of team

As known too few active arbitrators. Alex is still waiting for more training from Philipp. Ted will take mainly emergency cases and very ambitious cases. As heavy cases a20110314.1 and a20110314.2 were mentioned.

2.2 Appeal procedure

Alex suggests, the DRO appoints the appeal panel based on procedure established from time to time. No procedure in place up to now. In the short term he suggests that the DRO appoints an "appropriate chair" based on prior involvement, case and who's available and then invite a panel via list. Uli suggests to search for the most experienced arbitrators for each individual case that aren't involved in a case. If agreeable, Alex will document it in the "training" section. Chair normally to be the most senior available arb, subject to specialist knowledge.

Philip states, he is still actively working on the proposal for a new DRP. He'll get in touch with Megan as a first reviewer and he wants several reviews before starting in policy group.

2.3 Review Progress of suggestions to amend DRP from Meeting 2012-10-24

Was discussed along 2.2, see

2.4 Proposed precedent cases

Ted admonishes, Database changes are very sensitive. So he'd avoid a precedence ruling unless a recurring pattern can safely be identified. Uli agrees.

Philipp remembers that every case sets a precedent. So there is no formal decision required. Ted objects, a precedent case in our terminology explicitly gives guidelines to support which cases do not need to be forwarded to arbitration. Yet there other kinds of precedents too.

The first case mentioned was name matching. It is similar to NL short names and it was remarked that in Anglo world short names are very common too. Philipp suggests to let support act and simply watch. And Uli remarked, with the relaxed rules in assurance we've adopted some simple rules to the assurers, that they can accept name variations, as long they'll document the full name that they've read in an Id doc of the assuree.

The second case: we had a similar case regarding pre 2006 notary entries ... this is to fix missing assurance points.

The rest of the agenda was adjourned to the next meeting.

4 Closing

The following meeting is planned for Thursday, 2013-01-17 21:00 UTC.

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