Arbitration Team Meeting 2012-10-24 (22 CEST, 20 UTC)

  1. Opening

    1. Choose someone to chair the meeting
    2. Choose a minute taker
  2. Current state of the Arbitration Team

  3. Future

    • Who will be the team leader? Lambert has said that he has almost no time available currently so if we need a stronger lead we would need another person doing that job. Uli has already declined. If no person within Arbitration wants to take this task we have to think about an external interim team leader
    • How can we resolve problems with the current situation?
    • Are there ways how the community can help to reduce the load on Arbitration?
  4. Question Time

    Questions from Community Members can be added until beginning of Arbitration Team Meeting. As well questions can be asked at "Question Time", without added Question here

    1. Handling of "Remove my post" added by JoelHatsch : message removal, communication qith requester, arbitration (who is claimant, who is respondant)

    2. "Question One" added by YourName - Comment: Replace "Question One" by Your Question and add your Name

  5. Closing

    1. Schedule a regular Arbitration Team Meeting?
    2. Chair closes the Arbitration Team Meeting

Minutes - Arbitration Team Meeting 2012-10-24

1 Preliminaries

1.1 Opening

Present: Alex Robertson, Joel Hatsch, Marcus Mängel, Martin Gummi, Michael Tänzer, Nick Bebout, Philipp Dunkel, Uli Schröter, Werner Dworak

Meeting chaired by Michael.

1.2 Minutes taker

Minutes will be taken by Werner.

2 Current state of the Arbitration Team

From inside and outside Arbitration looks rather stalled. Michael told, Alex seems to be active and willing to work but didn't get enough training yet, u60 is having less and less time and other arbitrators are only available sporadically. Alex replied, there are three arbitrators Uli, Bernhard and Phillipp, he self waiting to complete training, and Joel as a CM.

The problem is regarded a structural one and not just of number of Arbitrators. It was suggested, that similar to Support we should have two levels of arbitration: the simple cases and the demanding cases. The barrier for the first level should be rather low. It is suggested to abolish the CM. At the time it was created, CM was good. But at present the distinction doesn't make much sense. The two level arbitration seems better.

Philipp suggested to allow the CM (or junior Arbs) to make a preliminary ruling and in most cases the case is then done. If it is not, because a party is not satisfied, then do an appeal and have a more senior person look at it. If that's not enough than we do a panel of 3 Arbs and that's final. Eliminate the board from the appeals process and you have a sound system. This was mostly agreed.

Nick told soon he would be more active again.

At present we have several precedent cases where support can take the load off from arbitration. We can create some more precedent cases, but there is not much room. Most are already there. Werner suggested to give more judgement to support, so support can check the instance and decide if it does it alone (simple cases) or transfers it to Arbitration (ambitious cases).

Philipp volunteered to train Alex. Thus an important blockage of Arbitration is released.

The problem with sealed private cases was deferred.

Philipp will prepare the required policy change for a two level arbitration. The new requirements shall be: for first level be a senior assurer, and for second level have experience from first level and the approval of the board.

An ABC shall be required for critical team, software-assessment, support, not for arbitration

3 Future

Alex first hesitates to become team leader but finally agrees. No objections. Philipp volunteers to give Alex any help needed. There are two board motions needed, one to agree to the retirement of Lambert, second to appoint Alex.

4 Question Time

"Remove my post" was shortly discussed. Get confirmation from user, C is SE, R is CAcert. There is one Arb running by Ted, SE already deleted mails. Arb only confirms.

5 Closing

A following meeting is planned.

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