Financial Report 2016-2017

Currency Rates

Currency rates at the end of the fiscal year:


Description                                     AUD
Current Assets                                   4718.12
Current Liabilities                                 0.00
Equity                                              0.00
Income                                           3404.02
Expenses                                         7177.30
Profit                                          -3773.28

Current Assets

Acc. No.        Account Name                    AUD             In Currency
B421            Westpac Transaction Account       652.69
B422            Westpac Savings Account          1987.03
B431            PayPal AUD                         17.35
B432            PayPal USD                       1343.18         1094.56
B433            PayPal EUR                        717.87          509.76
                Total Current Assets             4718.12


Acc. No.        Account Name                    AUD
F1              Donations                        2017.23
F21             Membership Fees                   517.23
F23             Password Reset Service            362.90
F3              Advertising Income                505.82
G1              Interest & Financial Income         0.84
                Total Income                     3404.02


Acc. No.        Account Name                    AUD
I74             Hosting                          6524.53
I82             Bank Service Charges              554.25
I83             Exchange Variance                  98.52
                Total Expenses                   7177.30


The hosting costs were greater than usual (AUD 3600 per year) because of a backlog at the start of this FY. At end all hosting was paid, so no pending relyabilities. As incoming from the password reset service (often it ends up with a refund on member's request) and donations are decreasing, the costs are not backed by the income.

At mid of FY 2017/18 reserves are mostly exhausted!

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