Next Annual General Meeting 2013-2014

This is the discussion page for the next AGM covering the Financial Year 2013/2014. This page is used to refer to discussions happening around the proposed business.


Report Works-in-Progress

Note any reports from the Community and Teams to the Association here:

CAcert Annual Report 2014 (compiled)


  1. Meeting Administration
    1. Who is making minutes?
    2. Identification of members with voting rights
    3. Identify proxy votes
    4. Identification and acceptance of new members
    5. Urgent Business (Acceptance of addtl. resolution into the agenda)?
  2. Ratification of Minutes
    1. Annual General Meeting 2013-11-17 AGM/AGM20131117#Minutes

  3. Presentation of Annual Reports - link

    1. Presentation of Executive Report
    2. Presentation of Financial Report
    3. Presentation of Team Reports
    4. Presentation of Member Reports
  4. Special Resolutions
  5. Ordinary Resolutions
  6. Committee Elections

Nominations for Member of the Committee

At each next AGM, the Committee ("Board") is dissolved and a new one is elected. A new Committee should be formed for the term that follows the AGM, up to the next AGM, where the same procedure applies.

Acceptance: {0} pending, {+} accepted, {-} declined NOMINATIONS UNTIL 7 DAYS BEFORE THE MEETING


Nominated by

Seconded by



Comments and link

# ||Dirk Astrath || Martin Gummi ||Werner Dworak || {+} || DE || link to wiki || # ||Jürgen Bruckner || Marcus Mängel # # ||Alex Robertson || Werner Dworak # ||Benny Baumann || {+} || UK || link to wiki || # ||Michael Tänzer || Marcus Mängel ||Werner Dworak, Martin Gummi || {+} || DE || link to wiki ||

Name here

link to post

link to post

link to post

XX country code

link to wiki

Nominations for board directors should be sent to the Secretary (secretary at cacert) in signed email. CC to the cacert-board at cacert. Also, if you want someone to second your nomination, CC that person.

After the election, Checklist for new Board.

Ordinary Resolutions

A member may propose a resolution in a general meeting. Members must be notified 14??? days in advance of the motions, in a call for a general meeting.

The following (ordinary) resolutions will be / have been proposed:


Title on Agenda

Call Mail



from agenda


link to member's request

link to wiki


Special Resolutions -- Rule Changes

A member may propose a change to the rules, to be voted as a special resolution in a general meeting. Members must be notified 21 days in advance of the motions, in a call for a general meeting.

Three proposals for changes of Rules of the Association were received by Secretary in time according to Rule 32 (a) and will be handled as Special Resolutions:

The following special resolutions will be / have been proposed: (there are none special resolutions) #||Item ||Title on Agenda ||Call Mail ||Discussion Page || || #|| Specification of Rule 9: Fees and subscriptions || words || by Benedikt Heintel || AGM/RuleChange/SpecificationOfRule9 || || #|| Another Proposal for Rule 9 || words || by Michael Taenzer || AGM/RuleChange/SpecificationOfRule9Proposal2 || || #|| Option to Waive Membership Fee || words || by Michael Taenzer || || #||


For the Secretary?



AGM 2012-11-25

SGM 2013-03-17

Minutes of AGM 2013-11-17


AGM 2013-11-17

Minutes of AGM 2013-11-17

Motions within AGM